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    YOU can use pine straw bales as mulch in your garden, yard, or farm. Master Gardeners, Blueberry Farmers
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    Compare the pros and cons of pine straw mulch vs. hardwood mulch. See the benefits of pine straw
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    Now nearly one hundred years later daughter, Tamara Sparrow and her husband Greg, join Floyd to continue the

Welcome to Pine Straw Farms

Each pine straw bale covers 120 square feet of your yard, flowerbeds, farm, or garden. For any application where you would use wood chip mulch, you can replace about 8-10 bags of mulch with just one (1) pine straw bale.

Our easy-carry pine straw bales are tied in a neat bundle with only reusable biodegradable organic hemp twine – no plastic waste. You can easily carry (or roll) a pine straw bale to a plant bed or crop site, untie, and disperse the pine straw mulch evenly across a large area. Our bales are round cylinders so you can roll one easily across the yard!

Recent News

We have a new website! Look around and take minute to learn why pine straw is the affordable, sustainable alternative to hardwood mulch. Try our pine straw bales for gardening, farming, golf courses, yard and flowerbeds. Plants and people love our pine straw mulch for soil aeration, moisture retention, lovely color and texture for landscaping, and other benefits outlined on Continue Reading

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