Our History

At the turn of the century the Starr family helped to settle Starr Valley located in Adair County near Stilwell, Oklahoma. In the late 1930’s, when twin grandsons Floyd and Boyd Harris came to live with their maternal grandparents, Grandpa Floyd Starr and his wife Aida raised pear and peach trees here at the farm. Young Floyd was especially taken with the orchards and they instilled in him the value of land and the lifelong love of trees. In the 1990’s, Floyd planted our 80 acre grove of loblolly pine and gave them plenty of TLC.

Now nearly one hundred years later daughter, Tamara Sparrow and her husband Greg, join Floyd to continue the family tradition of cultivating the land and forest to harvest nature’s bounty. Here at Pine Straw Farms they are working together to offer the region pine straw mulch, an affordable, sustainable alternative to hardwood mulch.