Straw vs. Mulch

Pine Straw Farms pine straw bale

  • Pine straw mulch does not float away like wood chips.
  • Our pine straw bales are lightweight, tied up in a nice bundle. Try our easy-carry bales. See how simple it is to tote to the right spot in your yard and disperse the straw widely.
  • Pine Straw Farms maintains a beautiful pine tree forest at Starr Valley producing bountiful pine straw year after year. It is sustainable and affordable – the “green” option. Our pine straw bales are 100% natural.
  • Our pine straw lets the soil breathe easy with aerating properties and good water infiltration and retention characteristics.
  • Pine straw bales equally help with reducing weeds while adding organic nutrients as pine needles mix into the top layer of soil.
  • Spread our pine straw mulch and see the stunning visual effect. It is even, neat, a finer-grain, nicely colored, and adds an overall subtle new attractiveness and background to your flowers, plants, and nearby architecture.
  • Our pine straw bales are pest-free.
  • Birds love pine needles for nesting. Dogs, deer, and other animals will enjoy a bed of pine straw.
  • Pine Straw Farms at Starr Valley is a family operation. We offer wholesale pricing for pick-ups at our farm. Contact us for more info on options to get your pine straw bale.
  • Come get a few pine straw bales from Pine Straw Farm! We offer the sustainable and affordable alternative.

Traditional hardwood mulch

  • Have you had your mulch material float or wash away in one of these heavy rainstorms we’ve had lately? Traditional mulch breaks down too quickly.
  • Bag after bag of heavy hardwood mulch. You could haul a truckload of wood mulch, or a few bales of pine straw, to achieve comparable coverage area.
  • Traditional mulch in the Central and Southern United States is sourced from hardwood chips.
  • Hardwood mulch wood chips are not naturally found on the forest floor.
  • Old-school mulch chokes the soil, preventing water and nutrients from soaking in, and reducing aeration of the soil.
  • Hardwood mulch has commonly been used to help reduce weeds.
  • Wood chip mulch can be uneven and blocky.
  • Hardwood mulch can attract termites.
  • Hardwood mulch is pokey, sharp and angular.
  • Traditional mulch is packed in plastic, and bought from the big box stores