Who Uses Us?

YOU can use pine straw bales as mulch in your garden, yard, or farm.

Master Gardeners – Pine Straw Farms is pleased to work with Master Gardeners to supply high quality, ease-carry bales of pine straw mulch. Our pine straw mulch is being used in flowerbeds and gardens in national awards competitions.

Blueberry Farmers – Blueberry Farmers are particularly fans of pine straw mulch. It is easy to spread and the berry plants love this ground cover. Pine Straw Farms at Starr Valley specializes in supplying pine straw bales for blueberry farming. We offer farmers special wholesale pricing if you pick it up at our farm.

Golf Courses – Golfers like the look and the course maintenance crews love it! Use pine straw mulch to beautify the course. It’s healthy, sustainable, and will help you stay on budget for a project of any scale. Pine straw will not float away like wood chips in a water hazard. Pine straw shines at making your golf course surroundings and ground cover features look sharp and neat.