Can pine straw help in cold weather?

Yes. Placing pine straw around trees and plants is very practical in protecting their roots from the cold. If you are trying to protect smaller trees, make a pine straw bed about 4” deep and 3’ around its trunk.  Depth of the straw beds vary in colder areas.

How often should I use pine straw?

To protect trees and plants it should be used once a year.  When using for appearance, we suggest twice a year to keep it fresh.

Can I store pine stray?

Yes, keep in a dry cool place.  If you have extra room in your garage, that is a great option.

Are termites attracted to pine straw?

No, termites do not gravitate towards pine straw.

Does pine straw help with weeds?

Yes. We recommend a 4” base of pine straw.  At that base it’s hard for weeds to get any light.  With that said, we all fight weeds and from time to time they will raise their ugly head.

What are pine straw acid levels?

Pine straw acidic levels range around 6.2 – 6.7. This is ideal for most plants and trees.

Can pine straw be walked on?

Yes, pine straw can be walked on by both human and pets without any damage.  We do suggest a thicker base with more foot traffic.

Can you eat pine straw?

Yes, but why would you.  We do not recommend consumption.